All our fibre is produced from our herd of alpacas and small flock of sheep. A wide range of natural coloured rovings are available in 50g and 100g packs which is ideal for the home felter and spinner. We also offer a range of coloured fibres and a starter kit which includes an excellent mixture of the fibres available.

Alpaca Roving all colours

Alpaca Natural Fibre

Alpaca natural fibre is brown, white or fawn. All the […]

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Dyed Fibre

Alpaca and Sheep fibre dyed with beautiful vibrant colours. Price […]

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Shetland Roving

Shetland Sheep Rovings

Shetland fibre is ideal for wet and needle felting as […]

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wools Fibre

100% Alpaca Wool Double Knit

All yarns produced from our herd of Alpacas. Cream, light […]

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Raw Alpaca Fleece

The raw fibre is ideal for home spinners and felters. […]

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Lincoln longwool curls

Lincoln Longwool Curls

On the farm we have one Lincoln Longwool sheep called […]

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